Custom business applications and management assets

We create and manage digital products for small business

Boost Global Engagement

Are your national channels costly? We stimulate your engagement and sharing with dynamic, interesting strategies and content, leveraging assets you may already own.

Leverage Accessible Content

Branded online content management is booming. We create live and on-demand searchable database content for your media, your website and inside/outside channels.

Amplify Internal Data Practices

Enhance traditional Data Management strategies through our private label LeadsPilot service. We design a focused, practical online base application that can be analysed how YOU want to.

Track Performance Your Way

Receive valuable analytic information from media, customer input and company vital statistics results.

 LeadsPilot owned and operated by TSW =|=

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Branded Assets for Document Management

If you"re producing critical content, you need to access it.

92% of company employees share data with each other.

It is part of our data sharing plan to be on top of the world moving to mobile and global access of information. These are pretty big priorities: being able to produce records that can be consumed both by over-the-top and mobile is a huge priority for us.

  • If you have data, you need a way to distribute that data to your employees and contractors.

  • More businesses are likely to trade documents online more than they would to hand deliver or use UPS/Fedex.

  • There may be some aspects of your data management that typical paid services can not provide. this is where LeadsPilot can customize your experience and provide just the exact utility you need to make your business fly.

Tradesouthwest has been building applications for over 9 years now, to private industry corporations. We are extending this service to the general public so that any and all small businesses can benefit from what we do that makes your business easier to run.

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